A Lemon Day

Lemon Cheese Cake

Main Substance

  • 2 Lemons
  • 700g Cream Cheese
  • 300ml Single Cream
  • 2 eggs
  • 200g Caster Sugar
  • 3 tbsp Cornflour
  • 1 cap of vanilla essense


  • 900g Hobnobs
  • 150g Butter

As with most of my new dessert creations, this idea started off with me having a craving for something sweet. From there I go through all the possible things I fancy which then turns into all the things I could make!

So today I pronounce Lemon day, for I(with some help) have created a truly lemony cheese cake. By this I mean it isn’t an incredibly sweet lemony taste – which has no real bite, for this creation has that bitter bite without the unpleasant sneer one usually masks after. It tastes like it was made from a real lemon giving it an authentic taste.

This true lemon taste in conjunction with the oaty hobnob base make this recipe one to remember.

I’m also quite pleased in the success of this recipe after failing my last cheese cake. It contained far too much cheese and little sugar giving it a rather savoury taste. Bit unpleasant. This recipe however hit the nail on the head with the two eggs giving it a nice lighter texture.

Note: After a few days in the fridge the texture seems to thicken, still very edible.
2nd Note: Make sure to press the base firmly into position and only put in over for 10min max!

Lemon Cheese cake

  1. Start off with the base, crush hobnobs and mix the butter in. Getting your hands in there seems to be the way to go.
  2. Press into the bottom of a pre greased 12′ cake tin, or two smaller ones. Put in oven at 180°c for 10min and remove – leave on side.
  3. Combine the sugar and cornflour in a bowl and then add the cream cheese. Probably better with electric whisk but I used the manual option.
  4. Add the cream still beating, bit by bit.
  5. Add the vanilla, the zest and juice of two healthy lemons and then the eggs.
  6. Spread the mixture into the cake tin and place in the oven for 40min.
  7. Leave on side till cooled or shove in the fridge if a bit impatient.
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