First log of a ‘nailed’ recipe

Simple Lasagna

White Sauce:

  • 25g Butter
  • 25g Plain Flour
  • 150ml Whole milk
  • 150ml Single Cream
  • 25g Blue Cheese
  • 25g Cheddar


  • 250g Mince Beef
  • 1 can Chopped Tomatoes
  • 1 Leek
  • 1 Onion
  • 2-3 cloves Garlic
  • 1 Pepper
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Mild chilli powder
  • Tiny bit of cayenne pepper

For too long I’ve got in the habit of putting too many ingredients in recipes. Probably routed in the lazy idea of shoving loads of extra vegetables into a recipe, so you don’t have to cook any with the meal. I’m trying to kick the habit but it is quite convenient.

I went through a faze of making really thick lasagna with the likes of sausages, sliced potato, bacon, peas + sweet corn, beans, mozorella, chorizo. Basically anything I could find. In this recipe however I stayed on the holy path of quality over quantity. In the ingredients department anyway.

This is the first time I’ve made a proper cheese sauce for a lasagna, and I really think it makes the recipe. I pledge I shall never go back to ready made cheese sauce. The added cream, plus the blue cheese giving it the extra punch, really pull their weight.

I personally always like a slightly spicy/hot Bolognese, nothing too harsh, just enough to taste it. Which mild chilli powder is perfect for. And perhaps a few chilli flakes, and maybe some jalapenos, the list goes on..


How to make:

  1. So first we ruffly chop the onion get it sizzling in some oil.
  2. Add the garlic (cut fine), to the pan.
  3. After a min add the Mince, brown all over
  4. Then add the chopped tomatos.
  5. At this point I add what ever veg I’ve got in the fridge. On this occasion it happened to be a yellow pepper and a leek.
  6. Now for the spices; cumin and old dry coriander normally go in, but on this occasion I stuck with just mild chilli powder and the tiniest dash of cayenne pepper. I was quite pleased with the out come.  Season with S+P and 1/2 tsp sugar.
  7. Put a lid on the pan and let it sit on a low heat whilst we make the white sauce.
  8. Separate pan, melt butter add flour, mix so there are no lumps.
  9. Add milk + cream, stir
  10. Add blue cheese + cheddar, stir until all is one
  11. Season with S+P
  12. Get the oven going say 180c
  13. Pour half bolognese into a baking dish
  14. Cover with a layer of the lasagne sheets
  15. Pour half the white sauce in
  16. Put last of the bolognese over the top
  17. Cover with 2nd layer of pasta sheets
  18. And finally the last of the White sauce on top
  19. Put in over for 20-30min.
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